U.S. Open Spectators Injured by Runaway Golf Cart

By Jeff Weisinger

The action off of the green is as exciting, and scary, as the action on the green at Pebble Beach this weekend.

According to the California Highway Patrol, around 10:20 a.m. at the 16th hole during Friday’s second round of the U.S. Open, a golf cart carrying boxes for a concession stand got loose after one of the boxes fell and landed on the accelerator and made it go. The cart drove in circles until someone dove on it to remove the box.

Five people were hurt in the incident, and two suffered major injuries. The oldest victim was a man in his early 80’s and the youngest was a 25-year-old man, according to CHP.

“We were standing in the concession line on the 16th hole when all of a sudden there was a runaway cart and one guy running after it, then a bunch of people running after it,” Georgi Salant told GOLF.com who was standing by the concessions at the time.

“It was actually coming straight for the concession line and then it turned, just on its own, and it didn’t stop! It started driving in circles. It ran over like, five people.”

Hopefully those affected recover quickly, and the appropriate parties ensure this doesn’t happen again at future events.