U.S. Open Crowd Providing Copious Amount of Support for Jordan Spieth's Caddy

Kyle Koster

Jordan Spieth was not too happy with his caddy Michael Greller after two errant shots during Thursday’s opening round and let him know about it. Fox’s cameras caught the venting, which was certainly not a unique event. Caddies have and will hear far worse in their role, which includes taking some guff from time to time.

But the Pebble Beach crowd seems to have picked up on the incident, and are lavishing Greller with an unusual amount of praise.

These anti-bullying campaigns can be powerful and organic.

Fox’s coverage has yielded a ton of great sound, which provides a great look into what goes on out on the course and how much stuff has to be ignored.

And, yes, for the record: Michael is doing a fantastic job.