U.S. Olympic Archer Brady Ellison Does Not Look Like Leonardo DiCaprio

Kyle Koster

Brady Ellison is an accomplished archer who helped the United States win silver in Rio. The 27-year-old also took home a silver medal in 2012. Even though archery doesn’t move the needle at all, Ellison has become a hot topic for discussion during the Olympics because people think he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.

But does he?


A bit, I guess.

Not even close.

Possibly some similarities around the eye.

We ran several photos of Ellison through several scientifically proven online facial recognition websites and did not yield a single DiCaprio result. Larry the Cable Guy and Derek Hough (when younger and sporting blonde locks) were the most common results.

If you disagree, take a deep breath and look at this picture. Then ask if you’re willing to put this guy and Leo in the same company, looks-wise.

Internal discussions among The Big Lead staff suggest Ellison looks like famous actor Joshua Jackson, retired Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek and sports blogger Stephen Douglas.

Having said that, The Big Lead staff concedes that Ellison and DiCaprio share similar features around the eyes and eyebrows. Or, more accurately, Ellison looked a bit like DiCaprio back in 2012. While both Ellison and DiCaprio have put on some weight in the past four years, the Academy Award winner’s face has retained more angles.

In summation: being hailed as DiCaprio’s doppleganger is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Ellison, far dwarfing his two Olympic medals. And it’s all due to people who refuse take a second look at the two men.

As always, what a time to be alive.

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