Tyson Fury is No Longer Drinking 20-30 Diet Cokes Per Day

Bobby Burack
Tyson Fury on Diet Coke.
Tyson Fury on Diet Coke. / Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Tyson Fury appeared on Max on Boxing to discuss his preparation for the potential legacy-shifting showdown with Deontay Wilder this Saturday. Usually, fighters use the opportunity to create headlines, trash their opponents, and brag about their money and records. Fury, on the other hand, revealed he has miraculously given up drinking 20-30 Diet Cokes per day.

Not sure I agree with Kellerman's response to the Fury's achievement that his previous diet "was ridiculous." While that may be true, I would've given the heavyweight props. It's not east to give up soda — let alone when a 24 pack a day isn't getting the job done.

Far be it from me to advise Fury, but why Diet Coke? The diet brand pops are two years out of style. They've been trumped and hoodwinked by the much-tastier and marketable Pepsi Max and Coke Zero options. Unlike Diet Coke's dull, agitating taste, Pepsi Max and Coke Zero have tricked into thinking we are drinking the real flavors. But we aren't, it just tastes like it while not giving us the unwanted calories.

With that said, if Fury gets pummeled and knocked out this weekend — like I think he will — Diet Coke could make a comeback.