Tyreek Hill Thought Patrick Mahomes Was Trash

Kyle Koster
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes had a quite a nice little career at Texas Tech. His on-field production and undeniable arm allowed him to convince the Kansas City Chiefs he was worthy of being the No. 10 overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft.

Tyreek Hill, who has become Mahomes' favorite weapon through the years, took some convincing that this quarterback was going to do anything of note or help in any way. Because it would be an understatement to say Hill wasn't impressed.

"I thought he was trash," Hill admitted on Showtime's Inside the NFL last night.

That hardly seems possible. Alex Smith had been extremely pedestrian in Hill's rookie year before improving in 2017. The wide receiver somehow looked at Mahomes and thought there was no chance he could be as effective as an overqualified game-manager.

Note to NFL teams: do not ever give this guy an opportunity to make personnel decisions for your team. And not just for the other reasons that could be problematic.

While we're on that, how about a sardonic hand for the complete image rehabilitation Hill has taken advantage of in recent years? Who could have known that could be rectified and forgotten so quickly?