Tyreek Hill Responds to Mina Kimes Questioning His Fit Outside of Chiefs System

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Tyreek Hill thinks he would have been successful no matter where he landed in the NFL draft.

On Wednesday, ESPN's Mina Kimes posted the following tweet, wondering if Hill would have been as successful had he not been drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs:

Kimes was asking the question in response to an article about how popular Alabama receiver Jaylen Waddle is among NFL coaches. Her point seemed to be that scheme fit and ensuring a smaller receiver with speed is used properly is almost as important as the player's overall ability. Hill fits what Andy Reid and the Chiefs want to do perfectly and his connection with Patrick Mahomes makes both of them better.

Hill may have taken it as a bit of a slight because he quickly responded:

The fact that the tweet makes no sense is pretty great, but I'm fairly certain Hill's work ethic wasn't in question. His fit on other teams, in other schemes and with other quarterbacks, however, was the issue at hand.