VIDEO: Tyreek Hill Breaks Out 'Peeing Dog' Celebration During Pregame Introductions

Liam McKeone
Tyreek Hill doing something he probably shouldn't
Tyreek Hill doing something he probably shouldn't /

The AFC Championship had yet to start before Tyreek Hill started celebrating. The speedy wideout decided to deploy the "peeing dog" celebration during the Chiefs' pregame introductions:

Kansas City is clearly feeling good heading into the game between this and Frank Clark's rather dubious claim that Derrick Henry isn't all that hard to tackle. The Chiefs have the most dangerous offense in the NFL, but are going up against the hottest team in this year's playoffs in the Titans.

It should be a good one, but should the Titans pull off another upset, Hill will probably regret this decision. Things didn't work out so well for the last wide receiver who did this.