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Tyreek Hill Has to Make a DK Metcalf Play Because His QB Did Throw That Pick

Stephen Douglas
Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill /

Patrick Mahomes threw his sixth interception of the season in Week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons. The ball was picked off near the goal line by Foyesade Oluokun, who then had a long return before he was chased down by Tyreek Hill, who earlier this season said his quarterback would never throw an interception that forced him to run anyone down.

It was a great effort by Hill to catch Oluokun and punch the ball out, but the Chiefs weren't able to recover the fumble. It wasn't quite as impressive as DK Metcalf running 115 yards to catch Budda Baker, but it's worth comparing the plays.

Hill is in the back of the end zone when the pick is thrown, catches up to the play as he thinks Oluokun is being tackled, sees he's still on his feet, jumps over a couple of players and catches him with ease and causes the fumble.

When Hill said that, Mahomes had thrown just one interception through the first seven games of the season. He wouldn't throw his second pick of the year until a few weeks later against the Raiders. Then, of course, he threw three in a win over the Miami Dolphins. Now this ugly throw against the Falcons. It's a great reminder that Patrick Mahomes is spectacular, but still just a human.