Tyreek Hill Not Suspended By NFL Is Very Surprising News

Ryan Glasspiegel

In news that should be surprising to everyone who has been following the NFL during Roger Goodell’s tenure as Commissioner, it appears as though Tyreek Hill will not be suspended for everything that happened this offseason:

Hill’s three-year-old son suffered a broken arm in March and the Chiefs’ receiver was investigated for alleged battery. He did not ultimately face prosecution, but disturbing audio emerged in April in which his fiancee seemed to say that their son indicated Hill was responsible for it and was terrified of him, to which he responded to her that, “You need to be terrified of me too, bitch.”

Given Hill’s history of domestic violence before he entered the league, there was widespread presumption that he could be banned indefinitely from the NFL. The fact that he is receiving no discipline — even if it were on the basis of the contents of the audiotape — is very surprising on first blush.