Tyler Lockett Does Usher Meme Touchdown Celebration

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Tyler Lockett scored a first quarter touchdown on Sunday, briefly allowing the Seattle Seahawks to tie the Los Angeles Rams 7-7. After he finished off a 36-yard touchdown reception from Geno Smith, Lockett broke out a new touchdown celebration. All we can say is, watch this.

Here's the touchdown and celebration:

And in case you're not familiar:

Yeah that's a good one. Frankly I'm shocked that it took until Week 13 for an NFL player to do this. The meme is from Usher's performance on NPR's Tiny Desk, which happened on June 30 of this year. It took more than five months for someone to mock it on the field. That is, frankly, shocking.

Good on Lockett for breaking the dam.