Very Cool Miami Heat Players Enjoy Nightlife After Being Eliminated, Good For Them

Eric Espada/GettyImages

The Miami Heat came up just short in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and will be forced to watch the Boston Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors. Actually, no one will be forcing any of these vanquished players to watch basketball instead of doing whatever the hell they want with the very first days and weeks of their offseason. So if they want to hit up a club after being eliminated, no one should be offended. Because what are they supposed to be doing? Just sitting at home watching paint dry until it's time again to practice basketball?

Which brings us to Tyler Herro and P.J. Tucker, who were both spotted out and about at Miami hotspots after falling just short on Sunday night. Extremely helpful people made sure they snapped photos of them and put them online so everyone knows what they were up to and people could judge them for not having the proper priorities.

There is a lot of SMH-ing going on but those heads should remain still. Because there's nothing left for them on the calendar to keep their bodies game-ready for in a long, long time. A check of all official league pages confirms that Game 8 of the Eastern Conference Finals does not exist.

I hope these two had a tremendous amount of fun and fans using their completely innocuous life decisions to tear them down find something better to do. One of those seems more likely to happen than the other.