Ty Montgomery Fumble is a Crushing Blow for the Packers (Duh)

Ryan Glasspiegel

Ty Montgomery fielded a kickoff with the Packers down 29-27 and 2:05 remaining. Everyone on the planet (except for Rams fans) was looking forward to Aaron Rodgers time, but it wasn’t meant to be as Montgomery fumbled.

Even if he didn’t fumble, this was a suboptimal decision from Montgomery. It ate up the two minute warning, and he didn’t even get as far as they would have gotten the ball from a touchback.

The Rams iced the game away and it takes away what would have been a huge momentum boost for the Packers’ season and greatly diminishes their margin for error the rest of the way.

The Packers are now 3-3-1, and they still have road games against the Patriots, Seahawks, Vikings, and Bears. There’s no way to overstate what a crushing blow this was for Green Bay’s fortunes. Any time you have Aaron Rodgers you’re never out of it but damn they really could’ve used a W today.