Ty Lue Really Didn't Want To Play Telephone With Kawhi Leonard and Sam Cassell

Stephen Douglas

The Los Angeles Clippers had an impressive team performance on Tuesday night, beating the Dallas Mavericks, 114-99. The Clippers held the Mavs 18-points below their season average as Luka Doncic struggled from the field, making just 4-of-14 shots.

As the game wound down, Kawhi Leonard took a seat on the bench and engaged in lively conversation with assistant coach Sam Cassell.

OK, so Cassell was lively. Kawhi was stoic and probably just mumbled his catchphrase "what it do baby" in monotone. Whatever he said, Cassell had to relay the message to Ty Lue. Lue was not having it. He looks genuinely annoyed by someone grabbing him by his well-tailored suit. He looks like a man who once lost a job after winning a title and making three consecutive NBA Finals appearances. Ty Lue is done with surprises.