Ty Law Says Peyton Manning Used to Try to Get Opposing Players Drunk So They'd Reveal Secrets

Kyle Koster
Peyton Manning, seeing an angle.
Peyton Manning, seeing an angle. / Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Peyton Manning did not climb to the mountaintop without a few tricks. Sure, he was a uniquely gifted talent. But the cerebral part of his game was always on the clock. We knew this, of course, but Ty Law revealed a newish detail during a radio appearance this afternoon with WEEI's Dale & Keefe.

Apparently Manning would ply defensive players with alcohol while hanging out at Pro Bowls in an attempt to gain insight into other teams' playbooks.

"He'd try to feed you all these damn Mai Tais," Law recounted.

Law, a hell of a player in his own right, saw through the obvious attempt to butter/liquor him up and did not fall for it. One wonders how many rival defensive backs did, however, divulge state secrets without remembering it the next day.

This is such a genius move and the plot of at least 10 percent of The Americans. Getting all loose and conversational is all well and good until someone gets a bit too flirtatious with the finer parts of a Cover-3 scheme.

Also relevant here: the Manning brothers, while a far cry from conventionally cool, have built up a solid reputation as alcohol-savvy though the years. One really gets the sense they can more than hold their own.