Roundup: Twitter Flags Trump; 100,000 New Coronavirus Cases in a Single Day; BBQ BEER FREEDOM

Stephen Douglas
The Count.
The Count. / Regis Martin/Getty Images

America finally topped 100,000 new cases of coronavirus in a single day ... Twitter repeatedly flagged Trump on Wednesday as he tweeted lies and other false information ... they decided to keep counting ballots in Nevada when they realized everyone was waiting on them ... Hilarie Burton joining The Walking Dead ... Joe Bidn's team was confident yesterday ... Israel is going to pay $2.7 million to a man who says he shouldn't have been born ... GameStop challenges employees to a TikTok dance contest to earn more holiday hours ... here's a Republican congressional candidate hosting a mostly maskless election night party in New York ... someone moved nearly a billion dollars from a Bitcoin wallet earlier this week ... millions of mink will be culled in Denmark after a mutated version of coronavirus was found ....

Were you wondering what happened with the Biden - Trump betting markets? [LA Times]

Matthew Stafford is back on the COVID list as a high-risk, close contact. [ESPN]

The Louisville - Virginia football game is being rescheduled. [Twitter]

Former NHL enfocer Georges Laraque wants to fight Mike Tyson. [Ottawa Sun]