Turner/CBS Analyst Grant Hill Talks Coach K and Grayson Allen, Lonzo and LaVar Ball, NBA Rest

Ryan Glasspiegel

Grant Hill joins the podcast this week. Hill is currently one of the commentators on TNT’s Players Only NBA telecasts, and will be alongside Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery for Turner Sports and CBS Sports’ NCAA Tournament coverage. We discussed:

  • Whether he realized when he was playing at Duke that Coach K would have this longevity at the university. On Grayson Allen, Hill believes that the contemporary news cycle has made the coverage “overblown.”
  • How does he feel about comparisons of Lonzo Ball to Jason Kidd? Does he agree or disagree with his TNT colleague Charles Barkley’s commentary on LaVar Ball?
  • Elite college basketball players no longer stay four years like Hill, Christian Laettner, Danny Manning, and Tim Duncan did. Would Hill be in favor of college athletes being able to receive endorsement money?
  • Have he and Jalen Rose had any dialog since Hill was displeased with how he and Duke were talked about in the Fab 5 documentary?
  • Where does he stand on NBA teams resting their stars?

Hope you enjoy!