Are You Ready for Some 10:30 on a Tuesday Morning Football?

Kyle Koster
Middle Tennessee v Charlotte
Middle Tennessee v Charlotte / Mike Comer/Getty Images

Western Kentucky and Charlotte were going to play a football game at a normal time this upcoming Saturday. They won't because, well, you guessed it, COVID. With precious time ticking away on the season and limited options for makeup, the 49ers and Hilltoppers have taken the unusual step of scheduling some blocking and tackling on a future Tuesday morning.

"“The Charlotte 49ers have announced that in coordination with WKU, Conference USA has moved the upcoming league contest between the two schools to Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 10:30 a.m. The 49ers’ home game will be televised live by CBS Sports Network,” Charlotte announced in a statement, via “The new game date allows the 49ers to clear COVID-19 protocols that would have prevented Charlotte from competing this Saturday.”"

Alright. Sure. Why not? This is a dream so many of us have had for so long. Especially those who have what people like to call "a gambling problem." Now, instead of chasing with low-level Greek soccer matches, there's Conference USA pigskin on the board. It's like if Christmas were sort of depressing but you'll take the presents anyway.

We say it too much but it really is an interesting time to be alive. The Venn diagram of times of the week Michael Scott would hastily call a conference room meeting and CBS Sports Network showing some ball have finally overlapped.