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Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity Defended Olive Garden's Honor on FOX News

Stephen Douglas
Tucker Carlson loves Olive Garden.
Tucker Carlson loves Olive Garden. /

On Wednesday there was a coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol building where five people died, including a police officer who was attacked with a fire extinguisher. On Thursday night FOX News' Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity condemned the actions of Anderson Cooper who "sneered" at Olive Garden while denouncing the rioters a day earlier. First, Carlson revealed that producers had bought Olive Garden for the entire staff that day before laughing like a maniac about eating too much bread.

In the next hour Hannity bravely told America, "There's nothing wrong with Olive Garden." Hannity praised their unlimited salad and garlic bread sticks, which he called "phenomenal."

Olive Garden must have been thrilled with all this free advertising. Usually you have to pay big money for such positive mentions on highly-rated television programs. It's just a shame that it takes the dastardly act of someone like Anderson Cooper to get us talking about something as important as a casual Italian restaurant chain.