Tucker Carlson Read Nicki Minaj's Tweet About Her Cousin's Friend's Testicles On Fox News

Stephen Douglas
Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson /

Nicki Minaj set the Internet on fire on Monday evening when she tweeted about her cousin's friend's testicles. The tweet eventually ended up towards the end of Tucker Carlson's show where Carlson read it, said it seemed sensible and promised to report on the reaction to the tweet tomorrow.

For those wondering how we got here, Minaj was tweeting about whether or not to get the COVID vaccine tweeted that if she were going to get vaccinated it would be once she feels she's "don enough research." She then shared the most annecdotal evidence of all time about a cousin's friend who became impotent and had his wedding called off.

And then Tucker Carlson shared this story with FOX News viewers.