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Tucker Carlson Interviewed the Chicken Enthusiast From 'The Bachelor'

Stephen Douglas
Tucker Carlson's chicken alert.
Tucker Carlson's chicken alert. /

The CDC asked people not to snuggle or kiss chickens on Thursday. It sounds funny, but if people look at them as pets, they're going to touch them. And it's probably rare, but some do kiss or snuggle chickens. If there's a face of this behavior, it's Tiara from season 20 of The Bachelor. Tucker Carlson had her on his show on Friday to defend her unconventional lifestyle.

Tiara and "Bad Boy Halo" told Tucker that the CDC put out this warning becuase they are "looking for something else to control" and that she would, "keep loving on my birds."

It is unclear which side Carlson is on with this issue. He clearly enjoyed his segment with Tiara, but her very existence proves that the CDC really did need to tell people not to snuggle and kiss backyard poultry.