VIDEO: Tua Tagovailoa's Legs Look Great in Drills

Ryan Glasspiegel
Tua Tagovailoa at NFL Combine
Tua Tagovailoa at NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If you think back to when Tua Tagovailoa went down with an injured hip against Mississippi State in November, there was some concern that the impact of the injury was going to be substantial enough to cost him action in the 2020 football season. However, he's been progressing, and has a pretty solid shot at being a top 5 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Today, the former Alabama quarterback shared a video of himself doing some drills:

Obviously it's a major difference to be doing this in shorts in a controlled environment versus in pads when 350-pound behemoths who run 4.8 40s are trying to maul you. Nonetheless, it's a promising sign that Tagovailoa is displaying this level of agility. The hope is that he can stay healthy in the NFL as he is an electric player to watch.