Tua Tagovailoa Confirms Nick Saban Tells Deez Nuts Jokes

Stephen Douglas
New Mexico State v Alabama
New Mexico State v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tua Tagovailoa went on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to answer a strange line of questioning that ended with him confirming that Nick Saban is the type of person who makes "deez nuts" jokes.

The clip starts with Patrick asking Tagovailoa about the last time Nick Saban had yelled at him. Then Patrick played a clip of Saban talking about how he would handle Tagovailoa parking in his parking spot. Then Tua was asked whether or not he would in fact park in Saban's spot, which he says he would not. Apparently Alabama's toughest competition in SEC Country involves on-campus parking? Does Saban have truck nutz? Is that the segue here?

The final line of questions for Tagovailoa involve a story from former Alabama running back Josh Jacobs told about Saban making "deez nuts" jokes. Tua hasn't heard one firsthand, but he believes its the kind of thing that Saban would do. Apparently, that gruff exterior you see in press conferences hides the fact that he does a great job of cheering up his players.