Ryan Fitzpatrick Definitely Knows His Role Within the Dolphins' Organization

Liam McKeone
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing with house money at this point. The former Harvard grad has played for eight teams in the NFL over the course of fourteen seasons. He's gone from third-stringer to starter after getting drafted in the seventh round. He's made over $60 million in his career. Sure, he hasn't won a Super Bowl, but a career as a journeyman QB is not the worst life path.

His grasp of that knowledge is obvious when it comes to quotes like this. Fitzpatrick has no illusions about his role for next year, and won't tell anyone otherwise.

And the second half of the quote reminds everyone that he is also a pretty cool dude. Fitzpatrick won't front. Tua Tagovailoa really could not have asked for a better vet in his rookie season. He'll get the ropes shown to him without any passive-aggressive "this guy is gonna take my job" vibes. Fitz is just there to enjoy himself and see what Tua can do, just like the rest of us.

What a dynamic duo, honestly. Let's get some behind-the-scenes action of how the bearded Harvard man brings along the young buck from 'Bama. I'd watch that as a buddy cop show. Another free idea for the TV executives surely hanging on every word I publish.