Donald Trump Expects NFL Season to Begin in September

Liam McKeone
Donald Trump and Robert Kraft
Donald Trump and Robert Kraft / Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump held a phone call today with all the heads of the major American sports leagues, including the likes of Roger Goodell, Adam Silver, Rob Manfred, and others. While I would give nearly anything to be in on that Zoom conference, Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski got us the information we all needed.

The two report Trump told the various commissioners on the call that he expects the NFL season to begin on time come September. From the article:

"In a conference call with major league sports commissioners on Saturday, President Donald Trump said he believes the NFL season should start on time in September, sources familiar with the call told ESPN. Trump also said he hopes to have fans back in stadiums and arenas by August and September, sources said, though it is currently unclear if medical experts find that to be a realistic timeline amid the current coronavirus pandemic."


He also discussed how the leagues might bandy together to "lobby for tax credits that used to exists for fans, such as the ability to deduct concessions and tickets from taxes," to lessen the financial cost of missing games.

The current prognosis is not optimistic as far as the return of sports goes. The NBA, NHL, and MLB are a while coming yet. But we can only cling to the hope things have improved enough by the end of the summer that we can get some football.