President Donald Trump Offers Extended Fox News Criticism While Appearing on Fox News

Kyle Koster

President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends this morning 45 minutes after his appearance was supposed to happen. There was no explanation for the delay and really, that makes sense because the man has been on about 22 flights in the past 72 hours and we're all just trying to get through today the best we can. As part of his closing message to voters, he offered some extended thoughts on Fox News' editorial decisions because deep down everyone wants to be a media critic.

The comments came on the heels of co-host Brian Kilmeade offering up a fairly decent lob pass near the rim regarding former President Barack Obama's willingness to go after his predecessor. Trump instead took issue with Fox News occasionally covering what Joe Biden is saying.

Kilmeade, and this is a thing I'm actually typing, displayed some tremendous patience in explaining that near and dear to the Fox News' ethos is giving both sides so viewers can decide. Perhaps you've heard of that slogan, even as a casual network viewer and not the most notorious cable news-watcher in the history of mankind.

So here we are on election morning and Fox News is catching friendly fire from up high for not being friendly enough. When we talk about the weird times, folks... These are them.