VIDEO: OAN Reporter Asks About the Term 'Chinese Food' During White House Coronavirus Press Conference

Kyle Koster

As we sit on the precipice of a new age in America, it is reassuring to see those in power and those tasked with getting truth from power are laser-focused on the pressing issues. At the end of today's briefing on the coronavirus response, President Donald Trump took a question from OAN Network.

The reporter's pressing query: Is the term "Chinese food" racist?

This teed up a lengthy response that furthered the aims and goals of the outlet. So good job there, I guess. Point made about the term "Chinese virus."

There are surely a faction of people who will take some pleasure out of this just as there were people who loved the sweet music Nero made as Rome burned.

Nothing would make me happier than this proving to be a triumphant moment when the Lamestream media was thoroughly dunked on. I sincerely mean that. Use this post as an example of someone hyperventilating and paint me as a snowflake. May that be the outcome here.

It defies belief -- or perhaps it doesn't -- that these are the types of games being played right now. The nerves waver.