Troy Aikman Reveals Dak Prescott Has a Fracture on His Index Finger During Fox Broadcast

Bobby Burack
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

During the broadcast on FOX, Troy Aikman revealed Dak Prescott told him before the game that he has a hairline fracture on the index finger of his right throwing hand. The injury was suffered last week against the Cowboys' loss to the Bears.

Aikman later described the impact the injury has on a quarterback, citing the troubles that come with it. So far in today's game vs. the Rams, several of Prescott's passes have been off the mark.

Prescott started the game with tape on the tip of the finger but removed it late in the first quarter.

This injury, that somehow wasn't discussed this week, could have major ramifications on the season. Despite a 6-7 record and struggles across the board, Dallas controls its own playoff destiny to win the NFC East. The division will likely be decided next week against the 7-7 Eagles. All of sudden, that 50-50 game looks much different if Prescott isn't at 100 percent.