Troy Aikman Doesn't Think the Cowboys Can Come Back From This

Kyle Koster
New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears / David Banks/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys continued to embarrass themselves last night in a dreadful loss to the Chicago Bears. Things are bad. So bad that Jason Garrett is probably going to get fired after so many years of trying to get fired. Despite all this, America's Team remains in the driver's seat in the NFC East and due to a bad NFL rule, could host a playoff game.

So there's reason for optimism. Unless you ask Troy Aikman.

The former Cowboys quarterback was particularly brutal in his assessment of the state of play during the sad final minutes of the game. In short, he doesn't believe the team can come back from this.

Aikman is a way smarter guy than myself, but in this case I think he's overselling just how bad things are. If Dallas manages to bumble to an 8-8 finish and wins the division, they'll be rewarded with a game at Jerry World. We've seen time and time again how anything can happen in the playoffs. And this Cowboys roster is supremely talented, leading the league with 15 former Pro Bowlers.

So yeah, things are quite bleak right now. But the team could fall butt-backwards into the same situation they would have been if they'd gone 12-4 or 11-5. Obviously there needs to be some sort of awakening in terms of on-field play, but the clock has not run out on that possibility.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No. Was it over when Aikman went 1-15 during his rookie year? No. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the sliver of hope for the future.