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Troy Aikman Wishes He Was Calling Cowboys-Niners Instead

Liam McKeone
Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman /

The first playoff game of the Sunday afternoon slate was not good at all as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers easily handled the Philadelphia Eagles. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did their best to keep things interesting on the call but there's only so much the broadcast team can do when a game gets out of hand early.

Returning from commercial break, Buck set Aikman up to talk a bit about the next game of the day: the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers. Instead of giving any analysis, Aikman just said the game would be good and then muttered that there's "a lot of people who'd like to be calling that game."

Tough to blame Aikman. Not only did he get taken off a Cowboys game, probably his favorites to call after all those years in uniform, but he had to preside over a complete blowout. His tone of borderline contempt when discussing how bad Jalen Hurts was playing says it all. The man would much rather be watching good football.

And you know what? Me too, Troy.