VIDEO: Tristan Thompson Briefly Became Sandy Lyle

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Tristan Thompson has begun to incorporate the three-point shot into his game out of nowhere after several years in the league. And the Cleveland Cavaliers big man was feeling it after sinking his first two attempts against the Philadelphia 76ers last night. Perhaps feeling it too much.

Because this happened.

Now, I'm sure in his mind Thompson believed he was deftly maneuvering with the style and grace of one Stephen Curry. In reality, he was doing a spot-on recreation of the regrettable Sandy Lyle skillset on display in Along Came Polly.

It would not be surprising if Thompson called, "raindrops" as he hoisted from 40 feet with plenty of time remaining on the shot clock.

Play like this is antithetical to winning, but a beautiful tribute to a missed actor. Always important to find a silver lining.