Triple H and the Philadelphia 76ers Have Adopted Each Other

Stephen Douglas
Joel Embiid and Triple H.
Joel Embiid and Triple H. /

Triple H rang the bell ahead of Sunday's Atlanta Hawks - Philadelphia 76ers game. Joel Embiid, a huge wrestling fan, was right there by his side. The wrestler and basketball player also got together for a really strange crotch chop where Embiid held the hammer and Triple H put his arms around him like he was showing him how to move his hips when he swings a golf club.

This relationship began just a few days ago when Embiid did the D-Generation X crotch chop during the first round against the Wizards.

Triple H and the WWE, sensing an opportunity to cross promote, dove right in with custom shirts and the bell ringing.

Expect both sides to really lean into this. If the Sixers keep winning, Triple H will probably become a fixture courtside while Embiid will show up in the wrestling ring as soon as the Sixers are eliminated or win the title.