Why Trey Wingo Is Wrong -- Losing Is Not the 'New Normal' for the Warriors

Ryan Glasspiegel
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Trey Wingo, on ESPN Radio's Golic & Wingo, opened a discussion on last night's Clippers' throttling of the Warriors by saying that losing is the 'new normal' for Golden State. For me, it's too soon to say that.

The Warriors aren't overwhelming title favorites as they have been for the past several years, but they were playing against possibly the best team and probably best player in the NBA in the Clippers and Kawhi Leonard last night. Wingo did acknowledge that this Clippers team might be "really, really good."

Yes, the Warriors lost Kevin Durant and likely aren't getting Klay Thompson back until February or March, if they get him back at all. Nevertheless, they added D'Angelo Russell and we saw a brief stretch in the second quarter what the Warriors' offense can look like when he gets hot.

The Warriors are going to look a lot worse when Steph Curry goes 2-for-11 from 3-point range, as he did last night. They've got, as Steve Kerr mentioned in a clip excerpted in this radio segment, nine players who are 23 or younger. The Warriors have strong scouting and development systems, and I'll bet we start to see some of them emerge as minutes-worthy talent.

If they stay healthy, the combination of Stephen Curry, D'Angelo Russell, and Draymond Green will be formidable enough to put the Warriors in the mix down the stretch this season. Maybe not being dynastic will be a new normal for them, but put me down as saying that perpetual losing will not be.