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Trevor Bauer is Actually Totally Cool With Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Home Run Celebrations. Seriously.

Stephen Douglas
Fernando Tatis Jr. is making baseball fun again.
Fernando Tatis Jr. is making baseball fun again. / Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres, 5-4, on Saturday night. While the Dodgers got the last laugh, the Padres had plenty of their own as Fernando Tatis Jr. hit two home runs off Trevor Bauer and broke out some tremendous celebrations. (Just like in a video game.) After the game Bauer was asked about Tatis and his answer was... awesome?

"I like it. Pitchers who have that done to them and react by throwing at people or getting upset and hitting people or whatever. I think it's pretty soft. If you give up a homer a guy should celebrate it. It's hard to hit in the big leauges. So I'm all for it and I think it's important that the game moves in that direction and we stop throwing at people because they celebrated having some success on the field."

Thank you, Trevor Bauer? Who saw that coming?

He is right on with this. Baseball should be more fun. It's fun to watch players have fun. It's enjoyable to see players play with joy and excitement. It's just a better product. This is the exact kind of thing that Ken Griffey Jr. should be concentrating on.