Trevor Bauer's Phone Number Was Shown During ESPN's KBO Broadcast and Now His Voicemail is Dead

Stephen Douglas
Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer appeared on this morning's KBO broadcast on ESPN via FaceTime. We know it was via FaceTime because that's what it said right on the top of his portion of the screen next to his phone number.

Luckily, Bauer found the whole incident amusing enough to turn it into a giveaway. The directions to enter the giveaway were apparently in his outgoing voicemail message, which no longer exists because it was flooded to the point where you cannot access it. And this happened when most people were asleep. It appears that the Venn diagram of people staying up until the early hours of the morning to watch Korean baseball and people who will call an athlete's cell phone without invitation is just a circle.

If Bauer's voicemail ever works again, congratulations to whoever won the autographed cleats and baseball.