Trevor Bauer Explained Exactly How Sticky Substances Work on Sunday Night Baseball

Trevor Bauer explains sticky stuff.
Trevor Bauer explains sticky stuff. /

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs, 7-1, on Sunday NIght Baseball. During the game Trevor Bauer put on the headset in the dugout and basically gave a TED Talk on sticky substances. He seemed to have a deep understanding of exactly how it worked.

I guess it makes sense that he would understand the science and mechanics of how this works, even if he himself had never done such a thing. Bauer has criticized cheaters in the past, but also seems to know a lot about it. You may recall that Bauer lashed out on Twitter when stories were written about balls being taken out of play for further MLB examination back in April.

Pitchers obviously have a lot of issues to deal with when it comes to the sticky stuff. Gerrit Cole went from speechless to uspet to having a rough June when MLB decided to crack down on enforcing their own rules.

Between this and the way the pitchers started reacting to the pat downs, you have to wonder where this goes next.