Was Trevor Bauer's Conor McGregor Strut a Violation of Baseball's Unwritten Rules?

Stephen Douglas
Trevor Bauer celebrates... again!
Trevor Bauer celebrates... again! / Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer pitched a two-hit, seven-inning complete game on Sunday as the Cincinnati Reds swept a double-header against the Detroit Tigers. Bauer struck out seven batters and walked just two. After one strikeout, he turned and did the Conor McGregor strut.

This is the kind of behavior that no National League pitcher would ever exhibit if there was no designated hitter this season. The Conor McGregor strut is clearly a violation of the unwritten rules. See? It doesn't say so right nowhere. Here's another video for comparison.

Would Whitey Ford have ever done a Conor McGregor strut? I doubt it. Despite this outrageous breach of etiquette, Bauer was still given credit for a complete game. The good news for old-school baseball fans that if Bauer had not surrendered those two hits, he would not have been credited with a no-hitter.

And in further good news, double-headers with seven innings are one step closer to triple-headers with six-inning games. What a wonderful season.