Trevor Bauer Calls Rob Manfred 'A Joke' Following Wild Playoff Proposal

Kyle Koster
Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer says many things, including plenty I personally disagree with deep down into my bones. But he's not afraid to say them, which is either admirable or reckless depending on your perspective. If you'd sat down with a pen and paper yesterday and tried to put together a list of current players most likely to call Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred a joke, he would have been near the top of the list.

And that's just what he did Monday night in the wake of reading about baseball's new proposed postseason tweaks.

Bauer has captured the reaction of most level-headed baseball fans who are sick of seeing Manfred simultaneously try to ruin minor league baseball while adopting its hokiest, most fan-servicey elements. He just did it with rather stark language.

Innovation isn't something to be dismissed out of hand for fear of change. Yet it's very fair to say the adults in the room need to serve as moderating voices so MLB doesn't turn itself into a joke with the Big Man's craziest ideas.

Would that we could all call our ultimate superiors names. Seems quite cathartic. Mine, of course, are forward-thinking and fair-minded, brave and intelligent. As always, I thank them for reading.