Trent Williams' New Contract Barely Makes Him Highest-Paid Offensive Lineman in NFL

Liam McKeone
Trent Williams
Trent Williams / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Trent Williams is one of the league's very best left tackles. He was paid as such by the San Francisco 49ers this morning, as news broke that the Pro Bowler inked a six-year deal worth an astounding $138 million. The cap crunch caused by the revenue drop this offseason has proven to everybody that the forward-facing price tag does not matter at all compared to the actual details of the contract as far as guarantees and bonuses and what have you, but Williams got paid.

He also wanted to become the NFL's highest-paid offensive lineman based on salary. Williams apparently didn't want to blow anybody out of the water. He just wanted the title. So he and his agent negotiated his yearly salary to be $23.1 million starting this upcoming season, exactly $10,000 more than Green Bay's David Bakhtiari, who previously held the title of highest-paid offensive lineman.

This did not go unnoticed by Bakhtiari.

Honestly, who wouldn't do this if they're signing a market-setting contract? Williams is going to make an ungodly amount of money anyway. Being the highest-paid player at any position, even if it's only for a season, is a fun title to have. An extra $10,000 for it is nothing compared to the depth of the pockets Williams is getting paid from.

Good for Williams for getting his bag and the honorific. He's had quite the trial over the last few years after doctors found a tumor in his head that the Washington Football Team doctors insisted was nothing, held out a year, and got traded, but had to stay healthy and play well in 2020 to get paid. He did just that.