Trent Dilfer: Tua Tagovailoa Is Best Quarterback I've Ever Studied

Kyle Koster
LSU v Alabama
LSU v Alabama / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. People forget that. Nowadays he's a bit of a quarterback guru and is particularly enjoyable when guesting on the Ryen Russillo podcast. That's a personal opinion from me to you, the blog reader.

Dilfer popped up on The Herd today and, among other things, was quizzed on the great Tua Tagovailoa-Joe Burrow debate. Or maybe it's not much of a debate at all.

"I think Tua's the single best prospect I've ever studied in my years of doing it. He is so uniquely gifted in so many ways," said the former host of Dilfer's Dimes.

High praise. Especially considering how many stunningly talented quarterbacks have come through the collegiate ranks in recent seasons.