Tre'Davious White Tweets About Fan Harassment as He Considers Skipping 2020 Season

Stephen Douglas
Tre'Davious White
Tre'Davious White / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Tre'Davious White has until 4 PM today to officially opt out of the 2020 NFL season. The Buffalo Bills' All-Pro cornerback was still undecided as of yesterday. No matter what he chooses, he's already been attacked online by people who care more about football than people.

White has a family that includes two children that he has to think about. He also has his own longterm health and ability to earn that could be at stake. For many players, this is the toughest decision they will ever have to make. White, just 25, is lucky to be in a position to sit out. Some players don't have that security.

As for the bad fans, this is nothing new. Players take shit for attending the birth of children, missing games from perceived minor injuries, or changing teams. Pretty much any time a player doesn't show up and play and keep his or her mouth shut, some loud-mouthed idiot is going to be there to tell them they suck. It just seems that our current state of the union has amplified everything and dumb fans are no exception.

The responses to White's tweet about those fans has been overwhelmingly positive, which indicates that the bad fans are the vocal minority, but it must not feel that way to those on the receiving end.