Travis Kelce Wanted to Give Taylor Swift a Friendship Bracelet With His Phone Number On It

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Travis Kelce is a Taylor Swift fan and was one of the many professional athletes who attended a concert during her ongoing Eras tour. On Wednesday's edition of New Heights with his brother Jason, Travis shared that he had a plan to get Swift his phone number. It involved the friendship braclets that all Swifties make for the shows. But he was thwarted by the fact that the singer put on too good of a show.

Kelce explained that he wanted to meet Swift before or after the show to give her a friendship braclet that had his number on it. But she doesn't meet with fans so close to her concerts because she has to save (or help recover) her voice from the 44 songs she sings.

A pretty good plan, all things considered, and now his backup is to go viral with this clip. Which is working, obviously. It got picked up by illustrious institutions such as The Big Lead and TMZ. But Swift was too dedicated to her craft to make it happen, which Kelce can surely respect.

This may be the beginning of an extended saga. Kelce is certainly hoping so.