Trash Can Banging Follows Houston Roughnecks to the XFL

Stephen Douglas

The Houston Astros may have doomed all Houston sports franchises. During today's Dallas Renegades - Houston Roughnecks XFL game, the Renegades had people banging on garbage cans as a nod to the Astros.

Now, there are obviously much worse things that can happen to a visiting team. A little extra noise while a hype man awkwardly tries to get ~17,000 people to chant WE WILL ROCK YOU isn't really that bad, but still. Anyone who has any connection to Houston will spend the rest of their life suffering through garbage can references.

Of course, that's nothing compared to Jose Altuve having people screaming at him to give back his MVP award for the rest of his career. He better just hope they never allow fans to bring their own trash receptacles.