Trail Blazers' Noah Vonleh Autographed a Fan's Weed Grinder for Him


Portland Trail Blazers forward Noah Vonleh was spotted by a fan at Safeway. It’s the season of giving—the NBA player gave him a unique gift.

Vonleh was in line buying “like nineteen super nice water bottles” right after the loss last night to the Toronto Raptors. The fan said he only had a weed grinder on him and asked Vonleh if that was okay. Vonleh said it was chill.

According to Johnson, an Oregon State student who I reached by phone, Vonleh didn’t seem confused at all by the request.

“You walk into a grocery store with your grinder; that’s already Portland,” Johnson said. “Secondly, the Blazers are at Safeway just hanging out which is a normal thing here. And then they’re down to sign a grinder. It’s a whole bunch of funny things coming together.”

It’s all very matter of fact.

Johnson added that wants to get Cliff Robinson, who played for Portland from 1989 until 1997 and now owns a marijuana business, to sign the grinder next.

In 2002, former Trail Blazers Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace were cited for marijuana possession. Perhaps he should seek their autographs to the grinder as well.