Trae Young Smiled as Knicks Fans Chanted 'F Trae Young' at Madison Square Garden

Stephen Douglas
Trae Young smiling.
Trae Young smiling. /

The New York Knicks evened their first round series with the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesay night with a 101-92 win at Madison Square Garden. Things looked bad at halftime, but the Knicks pulled out the win and the MSG faithful loved it. They chanted "TRAE IS BALDING" and finished the game with "F**K TRAE YOUNG!" The later chant got a smile from Young as he waited to inbound the ball.

File that under "it's good to have fans back." And never doubt the power of Ben Stiller. Or challenge Bill de Blasio.

On the way to the locker room after the loss, Young and the Knicks fans exchanged some more words.

No matter what happens in Atlanta, Trae Young will return to Madison Square Garden next Wednesday. Should be fun.