Tracy McGrady: Kobe Bryant Said He Wanted to Die Young

Kyle Koster
T-Mac and Kobe
T-Mac and Kobe / Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Tracy McGrady appeared on The Jump this afternoon to talk about his friend Kobe Bryant and relayed a haunting tidbit. According to McGrady, Bryant used to speak about a desire to die young.

"He used to say, 'I want to die young, I want to be immortalized,'" a tearful McGrady said to Rachel Nichols, who was caught off-guard. He added that Kobe wanted to have a better career than Michael Jordan.

"I thought he was so crazy for saying that," McGrady said. "I'm devastated."

In a 24-hour whirlwind of bad news giving way to even worse news, this revelation is among the most haunting. Bryant was candid and open about his relationship with death. It is still tremendously difficult to hear these words now, after that disquieting wish became a reality.

One wonders when these comments were made and if Bryant's growth as a father changed that outlook over time.