Why Do the Toronto Blue Jays Have an American Flag Hat?

Liam McKeone
Via the New Era website
Via the New Era website /

Major League Baseball and its uniform affiliate partners have tried awfully hard to get creative with team apparel over the last few years. Sometimes it works, to their credit. Other times we get utter monstrosities, like pretty much all of the "City Market" hats released in 2021 and have since disappeared off the face of the planet.

We now bring you an example that falls fairly square into the middle of the road in terms of quality, but its existence is baffling. Presenting the Toronto Blue Jays' Independence Day hats, featuring an American flag design on the cap.

The obvious problem here is one you may be able to derive from the name of the team: Toronto is not in the United States.

The question in the title is admittedly rhetorical. We know why these exist. MLB's fanbase is made up predominately of American fans. The Blue Jays are based in Toronto but have a fanbase that spreads throughout the states. There would undoubtedly be some grumpy fans if every team except the Blue Jays got a unique hat for Independence Day.

Nevertheless, it's a Canadian team wearing an American flag on its hats. It's a little silly. Alternative measures should be taken. It's not like Canada doesn't have its own rich history to draw upon.