Topps Baseball Card Misprint Turns Shane Bieber Into Justin Bieber

Kyle Koster

Kids and adults alike are still collecting baseball cards, which should fill you with joy and hope for the future. Printing these bad boys up is hard work and there’s a lot of information to sort out and get correct. Occasionally, there’s an error. And sometimes those can be serendipitous.

Topps mixing up Shane and Justin Bieber is one of those times.

The pitching Bieber is one of the more promising young hurlers in the American League. He’s 21-9 with a 3.92 ERA in his career with an eye-popping 10.3 K/9 figure. Justin plays basketball and hockey recreationally but isn’t as talented in either as his less famous counterpart.

Shane has embraced the surname sharing, sporting a Not Justin No. 57 jersey on Players Weekend.

There are so many puns that come to mind. But using one would reveal an intimate knowledge of Justin’s entire catalog and I’m not comfortable enough with myself to go there right now.