Tony Romo Rubbed Salt in the Raiders' Wounds

Kyle Koster
Tony Romo
Tony Romo / Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz were tasked with calling the Oakland-Kansas City game on Sunday, which didn't provide much drama. Patrick Mahomes and the home team destroyed Jon Gruden's side from the opening whistle and amassed a 31-0 lead.

The Raiders opted to kick a field goal on the first play of the fourth quarter to cut it the deficit to 28. Romo, in an attempt to keep viewers engaged and -- perhaps -- to entertain himself, had some fun with the decision.

Romo wasn't done needling Oakland. Following a garbage-time touchdown that made it 38-9, he feigned excitement, saying the Raiders were right back in it.

Just some good, clean trolling right there. But let's be honest: who could stay mad at a guy with a face like Romo's? Impossible.