Tony Romo Puts Forecast Reputation On the Line With Sam Darnold Praise

Bobby Burack

Add Tony Romo alongside the many Jets fans gushing over Sam Darnold. Speaking Tuesday at the NFL on CBS Media Day, Romo went as far as to say the Jets’ quarterback has what it takes to be one of the greats:

“I just think he’s got that thing the great ones have,” and added: “The ability to process information very quickly, and his spatial awareness. Some call it ‘the it’ factor, feel, whatever you want to see. He sees angles quicker than other people. His brain allows him to do certain things because of that. I told you guys last year, he’s going to be a good one.”

Darnold certainly showed flashes of his potential last season despite being surrounded by limited weapons. Darnold is only 22 years old, can make all the throws, has a high football IQ, and is already a leader. The addition of Le'Veon Bell will do wonders for Darnold in his second season. When last seen on the field, Bell was one of the league’s most dangerous players and the best pass-catching running back.

And who are we to doubt Romo’s football analysis coming off one of the most impressive seasons a color commentator has had in years? But if he is wrong, and Darnold has a rough season, he better accurately predict the next play from the booth.