Tony Romo Sounds Like He Knows Where He'll Be Broadcasting NFL Football in 2020

Stephen Douglas
Tony Romo works the mic at a recent golf tournament.
Tony Romo works the mic at a recent golf tournament. / Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Tony Romo appeared on the Fort Worth rock station, 97.1 The Eagle, on Tuesday. According to Pro Football Talk, Romo revealed that he might have made up his mind about where he wants to work next season, not that he was ready to make an announcement.

"“I think I’m already there a little bit, but we’ll see how it plays it, even though I think I already know, but I’m just not telling you guys,” Romo said, laughing."

This seems to point to Romo returning to CBS where he will continue to share a comfy booth with the soothing sounds of Jim Nantz. Mostly because if he wanted to go somewhere else, CBS would have the opportunity to match any offer.

So ESPN would have to make an offer CBS couldn't match to keep the brightest new star in football broadcasting. It seems pretty likely that Romo stays. Not that he's going to tell people waiting to hear the new Papa Roach just outside Dallas on a random Tuesday. All that's left is to make it official.